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Driven by results:

  What our Golden Formula means for traders.

30% +
Average return on investment monthly
€760K +
Profit generated by our trading bots
483 +
Active clients practicing the alchemy

Expert service:

Benefits to utilizing the Gold Standard.

No technical skill required
Automatic Trading
24/7 Customer Support
Proven Track Record and Testimonials
Built-in risk management
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The catalyst to our success,
and the gateway to yours.

The Four Keys to financial growth: our Gold Grower EA (trading bot) to passively earn income with your investments and our Gold Boomer EA developed for passing prop-firm challenges and getting funded.

We provide a premium signalling group (Lab Signals) where professional and profitable traders send calls for ripe market opportunities. We help you navigate the markets with our advanced financial indicators Lab Analysis.

Fully automated trading
0 technical skill required
Start today at $0
Pass FTMO challenges
Trade with funded capital up to $200.000
Get a refund if you do not receive a return on investment
Follow professional traders
Timely trading calls
Free and pro group available
Sophisticated financial toolkit
Sophisiticated and unique
Gain new insights in macro econmics and the markets

Our Success Stories

Wietsze Stuiver

Gained 180% on investment portfolio with FREE package

I have been a member of Passivelabs since March. The young, innovative and above all inspiring team has already ensured a 180% growth in my investment space. And that's just with the free basic package they offer! You do not receive this interest from the bank. I am extremely grateful to this team for this wonderful opportunity!
Gold Grower

Daniel Fransz

Daily profit of 1% gained

I joined the passive labs gold grower in July. So far still no regrets. They trade from Monday to Thursday and have a win rate of at least 1% every day. The team behind passive labs is fantastic to help you and keep their customers well informed about everything. All in all if you want to get started don't hesitate it is definitely worth the investment!
Gold Grower

Efe Kaya

Excellent Service!

I’ve been with passive labs for almost a year now and the results have been phenomenal. The service is way better than I expected. I can always contact the team whenever I have questions and I usually get a response very fast. This way I know I am always in contact with them and I can always let them know if something is wrong or does not work. I recommend them to anyone that wants to get into automated trading!
Gold Grower
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Start earning passive income today

Being able to control emotions is what separates a failing trader from a winner. The EA doesn't have emotions. The algorithms implemented in our EA are developed specifically for low-risk linear growth. They are based on historical XAU/USD data, and always follow proven strategies based on data instead of emotion.

Save time and stress
Decrease your risk
Eliminate Emotions
Without technical knowledge.
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Gold Grower Pricing

For anyone that wants to make passive gains, turning lead into gold. Or gold into profit.

  • Fully managed
  • Setup by our team
  • 24/7 Support
Start for free
  • Access to premium signal group
  • Everything from the Apprentice package
Increase profits
  • Premium signal group
  • Access to education area
  • Everything from Apprentice and Laborant package
Enjoy maximum profit

The Passive Labs Principles

Low-risk trading strategy

Our product is designed to grow your portfolio defensively. Utilizing precise price targets and stoplosses. Ensuring the daily profit targets are met.

Based on historical market data

Impeccable trading strategies, carefully assembled by our team of experienced experts. Programmed by our exquisite team of developers.


Our technology will trade automatically. This eliminates stress, research, experience and time.

Assistance by
expert team

Tailor made personal strategies, including 24/7 Support by our technical team.

Frequently Asked Questions

Gold Grower FAQ

What is a bot?

When we are talking about ‘bots’, we are referring to trading algorithms which trade based upon pre-programmed strategies and targets. Basically, we create software and we tell this software when to open and close trades.

Is it fully automated?

Yes, the bot will do everything automatically.

What is the expected profit per month?

Based on our trading history, the expected average profits per month will be around 25-40%. But we will not stop improving our algorithms.

Can I close trades by myself?

You can't, that's because closing trades by yourself will interrupt the EA.

Is there a trial to test your bot?

That's s not possible, you can however start with our lowest plan which has no startup costs.

Is the Gold Bot also used for FTMO trading?

It is not. However, we have certain other EA’s that can be used for passing FTMO challenges.

To what extent are stop losses being used?

We use stop losses to an extent where there is room for volatility and risk. But we set them accordingly to decrease the possibility of actually making losses. We aim for gradual and linear growth.

Which trading pairs can the bots use for trading?

We trade XAU/USD. Also known as GOLD. However, more trading pairs will become available in the future, so keep an eye out.

Do you use a certain daily target?

The daily target we strive for is 1.5% profit.

Do you trade in the weekend?

We do not trade in the weekends, as the markets are closed in the weekends.

What are the possible payment methods for the service fee?

You can pay by bank transfer or with crypto..

Are there any risks?

Like always when trading there remains a certain amount of risk. However, we make use of stop losses and we don’t trade on days where there is too much risk.

When is the service fee supposed to be paid?

The service fee will exist out of a monthly recurring payment. A payment with an amount of the total service fee based on your current plan will be created in your account every month, on the same date of the month as your initial payment. Example: when you started your Passive Labs service on June 6th, you will receive a new payment every 6th of the month.

Can I cancel my account at any time?

Yes, you can cancel your account permanently or for a certain amount of time when you please.

Gold Boomer

What is FTMO?

FTMO is a project looking for experienced traders. Once you pass the 2-step evaluation course, you are considered an experienced and talented trader. From this point forward you can use FTMO to fund your trading. FTMO can fund up to $400K for you to trade with, allowing you to keep up to 90% of the profits.

How will FTMO pay me?

FTMO pays out up to 90% profit share on a monthly basis. But you can also request payout on-demand, the payout can be processed just after 14 days. But you also have the ability to choose your own profit split day, which you can change up to three times.

How much time does it require?

The minimum time to complete the FTMO Challenge is 10 trading days, the maximum time for the FTMO Challenge is 30 calendar days. The Verification duration is 60 calendar days. When you manage to pass these sooner than the maximum duration, you don’t have to wait for the remainder of the days.

Can I put multiple accounts on the same VPS?

Yes you can, you can even use multiple brokers with multiple accounts on the same VPS.

How do I install the EA?

You don’t have to worry about that. Once you buy one of our products, we will install the EA with you, this is a part of our 24/7 customer support.

Is the Gold Bot also used for FTMO trading?

It is not. However, we have certain other EA’s that can be used for passing FTMO challenges.

What is the max allocated amount I can trade with?

You can trade with up to $400,000 per propfirm. With our service you can reach a maximum of $1.000.000 with 5 license key’s.

What is a VPS?

A forex VPS (virtual private server) is like a permanent link that connects your trading terminal to the wider trading network.For example, when you use MT5 at home on your computer, you’re plugged into the standard trading network where your trades get executed. But what happens if there’s a power outage that leads to loss of your internet connection? Or your computer stops working for some reason? With a VPS your MT5 will run on an external server, which eliminates the risk of your MT5 being shut down due to unforeseen failures.

Does this always work for anybody?

This is not something that typically anybody can get into, but because of the EA we’ve created its definitly something that can work for anybody. Because of this you dont have to be an experienced trader yourself, the EA does it for you.

What is the difference between mt4 and mt5?

MT4 is a trading platform designed strictly for CFD forex instruments, whereas MT5 is a multi asset trading platform covering both centralised and non-centralised financial markets, such as, stocks, futures and FX trading instruments. Both are equally efficient.

Do you sometimes lose a challenge?

It is possible to lose the challenge, and many traders do. But with our expertise you will significantly improve your skills and therefore your chances to pass the challenge are higher.

Are there any risks?

Of course there remains, like always when trading, always a certain risk. However, we make use of stop losses and we don’t trade on days where there is a risk of for instance news to have a significant influence on the markets.

How many accounts can I have?

There is no limit on the amount of trading accounts you can have, but the maximum capital allocation of $400,000 is the limit for every trader. It is also not permitted to bypass this limit through multiple registrations. The sum of multiple accounts trading while exceeding $400,000 using the same strategy, are at risk of being suspended.

How many other brokers can I use?

There is no limit as to how many brokers you can use. However there is a risk of potential issues when you use multiple brokers. Regarding a shortage of VPS resources to support multiple MT4 instances. The solution to this potential issue is upgrading your RAM or CPU resources.

Which funding partners are safe to use?

You will get a very detailed list from us when buying the ea.

Can I close trades when I want to?

Yes you can, how you trade is entirely up to you. While keeping FTMO’s rules in mind.

Do you need the gold bot for FTMO trading?

You don’t need the gold bot for FTMO trading, as we have other EA’s specifically designed for passing prop firm challenges.

Does the EA shut itself down or do I have to close it everytime manual?

There is no limit as to how many brokers you can use. However there is a risk of potential issues when you use multiple brokers. Regarding a shortage of VPS resources to support multiple MT4 instances. The solution to this potential issue is upgrading your RAM or CPU resources.

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